Posted by: audreydk | August 25, 2010

I left my heart at Dany’s

Dany’s bar is little hole in the wall pub on a tiny street in the Hamra district of Beirut where I live. Christine took me there for my first night out in Beirut to watch a World Cup match and I instantly fell in love with place. I watched almost every World Cup game there, made new friends and maybe even danced on a table or two :). In the afternoon, Dany’s is an escape from the heat and has free wifi. In the evening, it can overcrowded, smoky, and loud- exactly what a local dive bar should be.

Posh rooftop bars are all the rage in Beirut right now, like Skybar, White, and Le Capitole (I only made it to Le Capitole). These do offer lovely nighttime views of downtown, their interiors are chic and there are a lot of pretty people to be seen. Yet, they are a little highfalutin for my taste and I prefer something bit more low-key. So, bring on the graffiti-ridden interior and endless bottles of Almaza beer!

This is what a Mexican beer looks like.

Above is a local concoction known as a “Mexican beer.” It consists of the juice of one lemon and a salt-rimmed glass, filled with Lebanese-brewed Almaza. I think of it as the summer beverage of 2010 and I recommend it- it’s light, refreshing and well, cheap. Below are Rawad and Marino, aka, the best bartenders in Beirut!


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